International Game Technology

By | March 24, 2021

International Game Technology is better known as simply, IGT, and their presence in land based casinos can be felt from coast to coast. To date, they are the undisputed, largest maker of slot machines and video poker machines in the world. They are responsible for some major changes in the appearance and operation of the modern slot machine. To their credit, comes the presentation of the progressive jackpot network throughout the casino, and sometimes this network expands to other casinos that fall under the group umbrella.

One single step on the part of IGT that helped to revolutionize casino gambling in general, was the introduction of the Random Number Generator. This is a computer program that is built into the game, be it a slot machine or video poker machine (or online casino software), that generates continuously changing series of numbers that have been designed to correlate to the symbols and consequent payouts of the game in question. For example, a slot machine has a certain number of symbols that when lined up in a predetermined sequence on an active payline, pay out casino credits for that win. The RNG is what makes the game completely random by the generation of the number series.

With this invention, the old type of slot machines were quickly replaced with these slimmer, more sophisticated models, thus making it possible to design even more elaborate games with bonuses and special features. The possibilities were endless for game ideas – And leading the way, once again, is IGT who continue to produce some of the most elaborate, detailed and graphically thrilling games ever.

From a simple three reel, single line slot machine came the ideas for games with several paylines and several reels. Topping this was the introduction of interactive games that let players have an active role in the outcome of a bonus round or feature. With this came touch screens that let players physically select from the symbols on the screen to reveal prizes or credits. Even with the gigantic strides made already, this prodigious manufacture of slot machines is ever changing to keep up with the frantic pace that players are looking for in the next best game.

All of this did not come about overnight for IGT. There were many years of struggle to get to the top and stay there. As far back as 1981, IGT has been in the arena fighting for their place in the gambling world. And to gain that spot they have worked very hard and have gone through phases of trial and error until they hit the right formula for success. Once they found that formula, they didn’t sit back on their haunches raking in the rewards either – They took the next step to make their product even more appealing and sophisticated.

With an impressive history such as that which IGT enjoys, it goes without saying this company has just as bright a future ahead of them as they did in their glory days. With their track record for bringing about change for the better, it’s safe to say that they are truly a shining star in the casino gambling world.