Neymar Becomes PokerStars’ Cultural Ambassador

By | May 18, 2021

In addition to Brazil and Paris St Germain footballers, Poker Stars has announced that Neymar will continue to play the part of cultural ambassador. online casino Malaysia Neymar, who in December 2020 re-joined PokerStars for what he said as “an interesting new relationship,” Malaysia bet online plans to shake up poker through a series of community interactions.999Joker Malaysia casinoIn close cooperation with PokerStars, the Brazilian will work on a number of design projects, inspired by the history, fashion, design and music, etc.

Cultural ambassador

Play, Poker, Gambling, CasinoHe curated a series of music playlists in collaboration with PokerStars on his first visit as a cultural ambassador, which the company claims is “the perfect soundtrack for all types of poker games.” The couple also launch an exclusive golden chip donation to celebrate their new job. A small number of golden chis have been found over the next couple of weeks by PokerStars, and $1m was awarded in cash awards. In addition to the lifetimes VIP experiences and gifts selected by the guy, every chip sets a high-value price including signed goods and clothes. 

Shaking the poker

Neymer said about the job, “Poker isn’t just the game, it’s much more. It’s a place and a tradition, and I love it. We are still working together on a variety of main areas, so I am eager to launch this next chapter with PokerStars. Music is my true love, so it was first on the chart, so even more is to be found. I’m looking forward to seeing what else we have. This launch coincides with a recent marketing push in a variety of markets where Neymar shakes the poker scene.

Neymar Jr is also a known creative with a keen curiosity in the world around him, not just a nationally recognised sports celebrity. This new position marks the beginning of something ground breaking for the nation of PokerStars, a fusion of two countries where culture meets poker. In a first for the industry, we will create moments together for poker and for those interested in everything to come to reward it.

Starts group 

The Stars Group announced that Neymar Jr has joined the brand PokerStars in the name of ‘an interesting new relationship’ in Brazil and in Paris St Germain. Being considered to be the “dream match” of PokerStars, the relationship is likely to extend across various facets of the brand as Neymar takes his charisma and flair to online and live tables and the brand culture around the world. This is what is to come with a new movie as Neymar announces that he’s IN, and welcomes all the players in his inner circle. The declaration signals Neymar’s new chapter with PokerStars.

The comments made by him

Poker, Artículosdepoker, Briefcase PokerI love to play cards when I’m not watching football. I love the feeling of community, the fun and the random moments which could arise in any game to compete with my peers,” Neymar observed. I’m very happy to begin a new chapter with PokerStars as a real poker fan. Together, we will give our community and supporters around the world moments.”

The signature accompanies a new global brand update by PokerStars in an attempt to reach the global entertainment brand in order to evolve past just a commodity. First safer gambling TV commercials became available for the brand update.